Hello! I am introducing our first ever guest post from a very talented blogger who is reaching and helping millennial women become their best. Woot woot! Here is Dee from My Dee Dee’s Diary with an awesome message on how to avoid the comparison trap as a millennial woman.

Everywhere we look, someone seems to be more successful than us. Someone else seems prettier than us and, yet again, another face is just more fabulous. The comparison trap is real. As millennial women we’re under a lot more pressure because, as millennials, many of us spend majority of our time living the #instagram life. It doesn’t have to be this way though. You can live your life free of this self-destructive loop. In this post I’m going to give you my top tips on how to avoid the comparison trap as a millennial woman.


My first piece of advice is to get off the internet. Originally, the internet was introduced as a way for us to find valuable answers and to allow us to connect with others.

That worked for a while….

Nowadays, the internet serves as its own mini reality show where everyone is trying their best to get a piece of the prize money.

We try our best to take the perfect pictures, just when the sun touches our face just right in order to show how flawless we are.

The internet, and social media, has become a breeding ground for low self-esteem, faking it and anxiety.

In order for you to stop comparing yourself to others you need to get your butt off social media. Put down your phone.

Spend some time in the real world with your real friends and other people who actually care about you.

At the end of the day you won’t feel the pressure to try to fit in because it will no longer matter.

Reward Your Successes


This has gotta be the biggest issue when it comes to millennials. We just don’t celebrate our successes.

If we do, it’s only if we have achieved something huge, like win a $1M scholarship.

The thing is every success is worth celebrating. You deserve to feel special every single time you do well because you are frickin’ awesome!

So stop waiting until there is a humongous reason to celebrate yourself. Start doing it today.

How far have you come over the year? Have you grown as a person? Did you go three days without eating ice cream? Celebrate it!

Once you get into the habit of celebrating the small things, when the big events come along it’ll be just another day in your awesome life.

The more you celebrate yourself, the more you’ll realize that you are a freakin’ supernova!


For years I let myself fall into a self-destructive cycle of constantly comparing myself to every Tom, Dick and Harry around.

This affected the way I grew as a person and it even affected the design of my blog.

Once I realized that the best way to be happy and to live my best life as a millennial woman was to focus on myself, everything changed.

There’s this fantastic quote by a fellow #girlboss I know that goes a little bit like this, “successful women are so busy crushing their goals that they have no time to focus on anyone else in their path.”

I have never seen truer words. You should be so focused on your journey that everyone else and what they’re doing becomes inconsequential.

Think about what goals you want to achieve next year. How much money do you want to be making. What fantastic companies do you want to be creating within the next five years.

If you keep watching everyone else’s journey you’ll never get anywhere.


Honestly, the Joneses or whoever you’re trying to keep up with are probably stuck in their own comparison traps.

Life is filled with so many amazing opportunities and experiences.

Are you really gonna be so busy watching everyone else live their life that you forget to live yours?

When you get yourself off social media, celebrate your success and focus on your own journey you affect the way you see yourself.

The more you realize that you’re just as great as everyone else you’re watching, the better quality of life and the happier you’ll become.

Your happiness rests in your hands. Do not give the keys to someone else.

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On my blog you can expect to discover who you are and learn what it takes to be successful and happy, navigate relationships + dating, get help managing personal finances and solve money problems, get helpful life hacks to help you grow as a strong, millennial woman.

Sounds like a lot but it’ll all make sense in the end. Catch you on the other side!

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