If I Had My Own BEatitudes

Beatitude from the Latin beatus; blessed (Dictionary.com)

If I had my own beatitudes, I’d hope they’d go a little something like this:

Blessed is she who is emotionally strong, but is compassionate to those in need.

Blessed is she who loves silence, but is not afraid to speak up.

Blessed is she who does not seek out friends, but is a friend to those who seek.

Blessed is she who is realistic in reality, but is a dreamer of beautiful things possible.

Skies and clouds My BEatitudes
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Blessed is she who practices self accountability, but is understanding of others.

Blessed is she who is self motivated, but is an encourager to others.

Blessed is she who is a peacemaker, but is not afraid to make a stand.

Blessed is she who loves herself, but is selfless.

Blessed is she who was a sinner and is now saved, for she will see the kingdom of heaven.

…And she is blessed!

My BE-atitudes are a combination of some of the things that make me who I am (or am working toward) and the way I find balance. But they are things for which I hope I will be blessed.

I know that God is more concerned with matters of the heart, but I believe He is involved in every aspect of our lives and who we are.

What would your BEatitudes read?

Write in the comments below, create your own blog post and comment with the link here, or add it to social media and tag me @sensibledove.

Try it…it’s fun! And you may learn something about yourself.

“Blessed are those … for their is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 5:10 NIV

Blessedly yours,

Judy Dove

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