Pieces of the Puzzle That is…YOU

Pieces of a bigger puzzle that is me

No ONE personality trait should define you. Every aspect of you is a piece of a much bigger puzzle.

Describe yourself

When someone tells you to describe yourself in one word, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like me, your brain probably starts to do a database search for that one adjective that BEST describes you. Then you find that you’re stuck, hmm…well I don’t know.

Sensible. Thinker. Realist. Introvert. Optimist. Logical. Happy. Confident. Analytical. Painfully picky (GASP…two words). And on it goes. I can think of many words that, when combined, will give you a good sense of who I am.

One characteristic does not give us justice. I think that’s why I freeze when I’m asked this question, because I don’t want to be identified by just one adjective. I am so much more than that. (Says the person whose blog name starts with an adjective followed by her last name). True, but wait…

In coming up with the name for this blog, I first started to think of it in terms of the one adjective that says the most about me. You know, that one thing that best describes me, and so that’s how I posed the questions to my husband, when I sought his opinion.

When he suggested, “sensible”, it only took a couple/few minutes for me to decide on it. Once I started thinking of it in terms of the one personality trait that reflects throughout all those others. The one that reflects in almost everything that I am, do, say, think, etc. I am a sensible (no-nonsense) thinker. A sensible (rational) optimist. I am brutally logical but sensible enough to understand that emotions are very real and am considerate of others who tend to be emotional. You get the idea.

Here’s the best part though, where I am not sensible, that’s where I work to find balance between what I am (mind) and the reality of it all (life), which makes my blog motto (hey, look up under the title of the blog). Which again, in my opinion, is quite sensible.

But enough about me

We are so much more

The human mind is such a complicated riddle, that according to a Live Science online article, “Personality Traits & Personality Types: What is Personality, “…Psychologists have mostly given up on trying to divide humanity neatly into types.” I’m pretty sure that’s not meant to be a definitive statement speaking for all psychologists, but I just thought it was an interesting statement. It is a good read on personality traits.

Every little thing about you is a piece of a much bigger puzzle; the way you speak, move, think, express yourself, etc. If I were to look through your phone, I would learn so much about you. Not just what kind of music you like, or what your hobbies are. I would probably learn what your priorities are, your dreams, goals, who your influences are, how you want to be known, etc.

If you couldn’t guess, one of the things that most excites me is learning new things about myself. I like to figure out why I do and say the things I do.

I like puzzles and riddles, but my favorite one is…me!


No ONE personality trait should define you. Every aspect of you is a piece of a much bigger puzzle.

Describe yourself in one word in the comment section below.

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