30 Small Ways to Be Yourself and Boost Your Confidence

I think self-development is very essential for a fulfilled life, but I also believe in the importance of being yourself. This got me to thinking about things that I practice on a regular basis, or have in the past. So, here is a list of 30 small and almost effortless ways to be yourself and boost your confidence.

I would love it if you comment with some ways of your own.

Be yourself - ways to practice being yourself and boost your self confidence

Ways to Practice Being Yourself and Boost Your Confidence

  1. When you feel like being defensive, SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Remember there’s NOTHING TO PROVE.
  2. Don’t let others determine your daily schedule.
  3. Don’t make up excuses for your shortcomings; own them! NO ONE is perfect! Just work to improve; it’ll help you feel better to know that you’re doing something about it.
  4. Don’t automatically agree with what other people say; take time to consider your opinion.
  5. When you do agree to something someone else says, make it a habit to add something of value to the original thought.
  6. When you disagree, give a reason why. Not for them but for you. Know where you stand! As an introvert, I generally only do this if it’s a one-on-one conversation and with someone with whom I’ve a close relationship.
  7. Ah yes, KNOW WHERE YOU STAND!Stand your ground
  8. When you don’t feel like answering the phone or accepting an invite and they ask why, don’t make up excuses; say that you weren’t up to it. Just don’t be a jerk about it.
  9. Ask your friends some things about you; are their answers different from yours? If so, figure out why?
  10. Every now and then, SHUT UP and simply watch others interact. You’ll notice some things you do, and what it looks like from the outside looking in.
  11. Don’t expect everyone to love your #awesomeness; not everyone will.
  12. Make time to cry if there’s something eating at you. Letting sad emotions hang over you gives you a sense of defeat, which you carry throughout the day.
  13. Keep an eye on yourself; do you act differently around different sets of friends.
  14. Challenge yourself; find something you struggle with and work to overcome it.
  15. Have fun with your shortcomings; laugh about them, by yourself or with friends and family.
  16. Think about your favorite and least favorite movie genres and then figure out why they are. I don’t like drama; life already has enough of that. When I watch a movie, I want to be entertained which his is quite funny considering I’m a realist.
  17. When you realize you’re acting out of character; STOP, BACK UP, and DO OVER!
  18. Take at least 30 minutes a day to think about you; don’t think about your problems or tomorrow’s schedule. Start with something simple such as, “Where would I go on my next vacation?” Or “What does my ideal day look like?” And then ask “Why are these my options?”
  19. Take a look at the things you do for fun; are you doing them for you or for someone else? Nothing wrong with doing things you don’t terribly enjoy for the sake of others, but know the difference.
  20. Figure out what positive things motivate you like listening to motivational speeches; TED Talks, YouTube channels, Instagram pages, and work them into your schedule.
  21. Take personality tests; they’re fun, and you’d be surprised how creepily accurate some are.
  22. Ask yourself, “Why did I decide to read this blog post?”
  23. Challenge your own opinions every now and again and notice how it helps you look at things from another perspective.
  24. Consider if you allow others to change your mind easily. It’s great to have an open mind, but is it an open mind, or do you stand on unstable ground.
  25. Look through your phone; what’s important to you?
  26. Look through your checkbook; what do you value?
  27. Figure out what you like to do that’s positive and healthy, and do a lot of it.
  28. Think about your favorite person in the world; what about this person makes him/her your favorite?
  29. Revisit an old dream or new pursuit, and GO FOR IT!
  30. Write 30 small things you do that reflect who you are.

What are some simple ways you practice being yourself? Please share below.

Practice being yourself, and have fun doing it.

Judy Dove (Sensible Dove)

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