4 Simple Truths that Will Change Your Life Now

Do you want to see life from a more realistic perspective? Change your life now by understanding these simple truths. These don’t align with what you’ve been told all your life, but they will help you gain understanding.

Here are 4 harsh self truths that will change your life once you learn to embrace them:

You Are Flawed

It’s not so much that you’re not perfect – what matters is not what you aren’t but what you are. The real truth is that you are indeed flawed.

Yes, you may have amazing qualities, beautiful features, a nice personality, a giving spirit, but what about all the negative personality traits?

Begin to label things for what they are. Learn your flaws, accept your failures and shortcomings. Come to terms with them sooner than later and you can begin to improve on those specific areas increasing your fulfillment in life.

You Make Bad Decisions

STOP saying that you made a mistake because you’re not perfect. This has a victimization and innocent connotation.

START telling yourself that you made a bad decision. This sets up a pattern for your mind to accept accountability for your life and circumstances.

Your life is the result of your decisions.

You are entitled to make mistakes but don’t camouflage your poorly made decisions for something that your mind interprets to be an error.

You Need Others

Are you trying to get through life on your own?  Do you tell yourself that you don’t need anyone? I used to tell myself this very thing when I was younger. I was proud and under the illusion that I needed no one. Oh how naïve!

Thinking that you can get through life without relationships, without love, compassion, kindness, and even physical help from others is probably either ignorant or arrogant.

We are not structured that way. We are designed to coexist, to help and enjoy one another.

Understanding this truth might just motivate you to be nicer to others, not just because you need them, but because they also need you.

Don’t be so naïve that you push away the people who love you and want your love.

Maybe it’s not that you’re lying ro yourself 
Maybe you really dont know the truth.

You Are Vulnerable

No, no, it’s not what you think!

You may be a strong, confident person as I consider myself to be, but what I mean here is that overall, in the grand scheme of things, you are vulnerable to the human condition because well, you are human.

  • Sickness and death can easily befall you
  • One single terrible occurrence can break your mind
  • A car accident can literally break you
  • A fellow human can break your heart

This is the sad part of life, but it is what makes us human. Understanding that you are not invincible will help you embrace it.

I know there are some truths that are hard to come to grips with. However difficult, it is necessary in order to be better prepared for life and the realities of your world.

If you wish to change your life, your thinking, your perspective in life, try learning to live by these simple truths.


It’s not so much that you’re lying to yourself; maybe you really don’t know the truth.

Judy Dove (Sensible Dove)

Do any of these resonate with you or do you have any that you would add to the list? Please share below.

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