9 Mindful Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding

In honor of my second year anniversary on July 16 (YAY) I decided to blog about wedding planning. Specifically, how to plan your dream wedding with mindfulness. And thus I compiled 9 mindful tips to plan your dream wedding.

Planning your dream wedding can be a temporary full time job and if you’re not careful, an emotional roller coaster. I spent hours upon hours researching tips and ideas to make the wedding a success, and I put a lot of mental energy into the process.

Horse and carriage ride, my dream wedding
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I found great tools, such as Wedding Wire’s tracker, seating charts, guest lists, budget, etc. and lots of wedding planning tips online. But there are always things you learn through your own experience, and then you blog about (wink) so here it is:

Identify Your Dream Wedding

Your dream wedding may be one simple aspect of the wedding. Figure out what that is and be specific with your vision in terms of bringing it to life.

It’s easy to throw the words dream wedding around, but not so simple to identify. Think about what it would look like, but be sure to insert your uniqueness into the mix, as opposed to simply visualizing a beautiful wedding.

When my (then) fiancée and I started planning, I came to realize that there was only one thing I had a vision for – a ride in a horse drawn carriage after the ceremony.

During our initial research, we thought it wasn’t going to be feasible because of distance, and the horses, and traffic, etc. But my future hubby would make it happen. He arranged for a short ride in the area and surprised me after the ceremony.

It was unforgettable … a dream come true!

Prioritize Your Desires

I spent far too much mental energy on things that weren’t really important to me. It’s easy to get caught up in the notion of planning the perfect wedding instead of your dream wedding.

Decide on 3-5 (or so) details that you will allow yourself to obsess about. This could be your dress, the colors of the wedding, venue, music, etc. These will be the aspects of the wedding that are most important to you.

Anything that’s not on that list you can make quick decisions without spending a lot of time, money, and mental or emotional energy.

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Schedule Meetings with Your Bridesmaids

At the time of my engagement, I was a project manager at work so naturally I started treating the wedding as a big project, which is precisely what it is.

As such, one of the first things I did was schedule meetings with my bridesmaids and maid of honor. I would first discuss certain things with my fiancée and then ask for input from my team.

It helps to talk through your ideas because others may point things out that you didn’t think about, especially because you may be a little blinded with excitement.

DO NOT Procrastinate on Easy Tasks

Do not leave tasks that can be done ahead of time for the last few weeks, no matter how easy they seem.

I would say that I did fairly well with my overall planning, but the last two weeks were brutal.

Buy your perfume, make up, hair accessories, and schedule your nail appointment before you get to the last few weeks. This doesn’t sound like much, but there are so many other details that need your attention during the last month.

Create a Pre-Ceremony Schedule

Our ceremony was at 11am, which doesn’t sound too early but the morning was not long enough.

The bridesmaids and I got ready at the church, but there was so much to do at home in preparation for the church.

Have a plan for everything that takes place before the ceremony.

If you have children, try to schedule a few minutes with each one before the ceremony. I wish I had done this.

We left for the honeymoon right after the reception and it felt like I didn’t spend time with them. We took pictures in the photobooth and had little chats here and there but nothing meaningful.

Prepare a Help Me List

Prepare a list for your maid of honor, bridesmaids and/or your mom of all of your accessories and anything you need that day.

I walked down the aisle without my sash, jewelry, and perfume. One of my bridesmaids was putting on my jewelry in the church after the ceremony.

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Have a Day-of-Coordinator

This is one tip that I read during my research, and it’s a grand idea. I asked a friend who does great at coordinating, and rallying the masses. She served as my day-of coordinator and did an incredible job.

You want someone who is (1) authoritative enough to get everyone to be when and where they need to be, and (2) is capable of handling the pressure. And by the way this person should not be in the wedding party.

Have your day-of coordinator attend your engagement party, wedding rehearsal and any special events so that others can get acquainted.

Your coordinator will be the person who manages the day’s agenda.

Ah Yes, Have a Written Agenda and Photo List

Create and review the day’s agenda with your coordinator ahead of time. This includes everything that happens at the ceremony and the reception. It’s a good idea to give a copy to the photographer as well.

The photo list is basically the specific photos you’ll want the photographer to get. This is something my photographer very much appreciated.

I gave the coordinator a copy of the photo list as well, and she made sure that folks were ready for their pictures so as not to waste precious time.

Have the Best Day Ever

If this is really the best day of your life, make it so! Plan on having the Best. Day. Ever. Enjoy your guests, smile, dance, take fun pictures. Stand back and take in the moment, watch your guests having fun, be silly if that’s who you are.

Don’t let stress and anxiety get the best of you.

9 mindful tips to plan your dream wedding

Remember, a wedding is something you spend a lot of time preparing but it doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be expensive or lavishing.

What it should be is memorable for you two lovebirds.

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Please share your best wedding planning tip in the comments below. Helps others in the wedding planning process.

“I remember smiling all day on my wedding day. What a memory!”

Judy Dove (Sensible Dove)

Horse and carriage ride, planning your dream wedding
Photo: Mauricio Campino
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