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As you will quickly learn from my blog, I LOVE to research and bore people with the topic of self awareness, personal development and life’s wisdom.

I’m a rational optimist and lover of all things sensible; a balance between our minds and our lives.

A little about me and my loved onesCouple walking holding hands

  • We are a small Christian family grounded in the southern US.
  • I am the blessed and happy wife of Sean Dove whom I dated for about four years before we married in July of 2016.
  • Proud mother of 3 grown-ish children – Daylin, Daniah, and Dominick. Gosh, that boy makes me feel old! And of course, there is the baby of the house, Princesa – our precious little Shih Tzu who came to us when she was just 9 weeks or so.
  • Was born in the Dominican Replublic, which makes me Dominican (not be confused with being from Dominica)
  • Grew up in Brooklyn, NY. IN DA HOUSE!!!
  • We now enjoy the (mostly) warm weather. We do love the rare snow days though; we get to stay home from school and work and, of course, make (scary) snowmen.

My professional lifePhoto by Mauricio Campino, Mirame Photography

  • Thriving professionally is very important to me.
  • I get involved in many different aspects of my company, taking on as many projects as I can handle outside of my regular scope of work.
  • I’m a Technical Writer at work and a blogger at home.

Some of my interests

  • Love family time
  • Really…really like spending time at home doing a little bit of this, that, and the other
  • One of my favorite things to do is watch TV shows with my girls and by TV, I mean Netflix
  • Self awareness
  • Deep conversations
  • Intelligent movies

Not very good at it (by far), but I like to decorate cakes. I usually get frustrated about halfway in to the process, plus the end result is not something I can be too proud of, but still I enjoy it, and the girls like to help sometimes so that gives us some quality time. YAY! Now, don’t laugh at my cake creations!

Christmas snowman cake – 2017


My daughter’s 9th birthday party cake

Looking forward to connecting and sharing with you! Check out my social media for little tidbits throughout the week.





~Judy Dove @sensibledove

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