Accept Yourself: Recognize Who You are, Define Who You Want to Be

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In a time where social media constantly pushes you to blend in or even conform, you’ve got to be more confident than ever in being who you are. In order to that, you have to accept yourself!

There is a level of comfort and peace in knowing yourself and standing firm in that knowledge. Not firm that you’re unable to adapt, but secure enough to know when you shouldn’t, and to actually go out there and be genuinely and flaw-fully you.

Confidence comes from knowing, recognizing, but most of all, accepting yourself.

Accept yourself
Painting by Daniah Vazquez


Recognize who you are. In more familiar words, know yourself. Who are you when you’re alone? What are you really about?

Who is really behind the Instagram handle or the internet persona? The person you are when no one is watching.

There is so much to learn about yourself and the way your mind works.

Recognize things for what they really are:

Don’t disguise your cruelty for honesty.

Stop pretending your laziness is patience.

Quit mislabeling your fear for faith.

Don’t make excuses for your failures or mistakes. Own them! That’s an important step in self growth.

If you’re the first to recognize your flaws, no one can shame you for themthough they’ll try.


If you can’t make peace with who you are, you can’t expect others to accept you. It can be intimidating to go out into the world and be vulnerable; exposing your failures, your imperfections, allowing others to see the chaos that is you.

Even looking in the mirror and facing yourself can be tough when you feel disgusted by what you are, what you’ve done, or who you’ve become.

But be encouraged, there is hope. There is forgiveness and redemption. You can take control of your life and decide move forward.

Know that you’re not alone. There is one thing that you absolutely have in common with every human being – you are flawed. And that’s ok.

We are perfectly designed and yet perfectly blemished at the very core. And the best thing is that we all share this imperfection.

What a flawless system…no one is better because while they may not share your faults, they certainly have their own.

No one can claim to be perfect. Not one.

Accept yourself!


We go through life on autopilot, which causes lack of self awareness and personal development, in addition to poor decision making.

Accepting yourself doesn’t mean you remain the person you are today.

Take time to reflect on the things you can improve. Decide that you want to take control of you life.

Be better. Think of how a better version of you would treat yourself and others. What kind of impact would you have? How would you want others to see you?

If you define who you want to be, you’ll be working toward a goal. You’ll find a good balance between being who you are, and working to improve.

Accept yourself for who you are, define who you want to be

Ideas like the one in this post can be easily taken out of balance because I find that people tend to be extremists, and so they read and interpret with extremism.

Instead, when you read something like this, find the balance in it. This is one tiny piece of a much bigger puzzle.

The idea I’m trying to convey is that you live your life with a sense of being, and that you develop a model for the person you want to be in order to have something to work toward.

Don’t let other people or circumstances define you.

“The balance between being yourself and becoming better each day is your effort.”

Judy @ Sensibledove

What advice would you give someone else that would help them with self acceptance?

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