Blessings in the Form of Freedom

I don’t know if it’s because of the Fourth of July, but  I’ve been feeling especially blessed and thankful these past few weeks. I spent most of the Fourth listening to some great patriotic country songs (see list below), and thinking of blessings in the form of freedom. Here are some of the freedoms that are most dear to my heart and that I experience regularly.


If you’ve read any of the other blog posts, you know how important this is for me; the freedom to decide who I want to be and to exercise that blessing by being myself, by practicing personal development and growth.


I believe in being kind, and respectful to others, among other things, but I appreciate being able to express myself. I have the freedom to disagree with others, to not hide my thoughts and opinions. From voicing my personal preferences, religious belief, to voting, I have the option to express myself in many different ways.


It’s exciting to be able to pursue the life I want. Sometimes, we place many limits on ourselves, but there are so many opportunities all around us. It’s a blessing to have the opportunities to pursue my dream. This blog is one way that I get to live out my dream, a new pursuit.

white background blessings in the form of feedom and small American Flag


I am free to worship, to go church on Sunday and let the world know that I am a Christian. It’s a blessing that I can have a relationship with God and have no concern for my life.


I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the right to bear arms and/or physically defend yourself.

However, there are other ways that we defend ourselves on a regular basis. We guard our minds and thoughts from others who are ill willed and manipulative and want to cause us harm or discontent. Sometimes, we simply have to defend our sanity.


We are free to live without fear, but sometimes we create our own  monsters. Yes, I understand there are some mental health conditions that create extreme situations. But I’m referring to the things we have control over when we practice personal development. Instead of exercising our freedom to live without fear, we continually create more obstacles in our lives.


We have the freedom to be free and yet we constantly put that on the line by making wrong decisions and taking privileges for granted. We need not forget that we are indeed a free people and remember not to hide our true selves from others.

Sometimes, we hold ourselves captives with our own morally compromised decisions. We make our lives difficult by confining ourselves to certain beliefs or by following paths that are not our own.

Self awareness and practicing being yourself are ways that you practice freedom.

American Flag and list of blessings in the form of freedom
Image: Canva

Here is that short list of my favorite patriotic country songs that made me shed some tears this week:

Enjoy your blessings of freedom! Be thankful for those who sacrificed so that FREEDOM MAY RING.

What is one of your most valued blessings/freedoms? Comment below.

“…That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Declaration of Independence

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