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My hope is that you find enjoyment, tips, and encouragement throughout my site, as I share my philosophies about life, self-improvement, family, and other thoughts, but mainly about…

Helping you get back control of your mind and your life, one challenge at a time

This blog is designed to help you find solutions to the challenges of your mind and your life. Check out some RESOURCES that may come in handy for you.  

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Finding sensible balance between mind and life!

Finding a good balance between our mind’s ideals and our practical lives is the ultimate challenge. Through self awareness and self development, we can work towards establishing a sensible balance.

I believe that each of us has something to share and I hope that what I share can be useful in your life.

Please feel free to spend some time browsing. Get to know me, read the story behind the blog name. Be sure to connect with me on the social media for little tidbits throughout the week.





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