Take Control: You are the Manager of Your Own Life

There are many reasons why we fail to take control of our lives, which causes us to live in a way that we let life happen to us and not for us. It’s as if we’re watching from afar.

Perhaps you live your life based on convenience; or in reactionary mode; or maybe you’re not confident in your ability to make decisions.

If you’ve struggled to take control of your life, maybe these thoughts can help you.

Three Things that May Cause You to Live Passively

Don’t be fooled by the notion that you have things under control simply because you handle everything that comes at you with proper grace. That may only mean that you’re well equipped.

There are things that cause you to live passively even when it appears that you are managing your life with intent.

3 Things that cause you to live passively

Lack of Purpose

It’s been said throughout time and across different beliefs that each of us has a purpose that’s much bigger than ourselves–that we are meant for greatness.

Each one of us has a reason for being!

So it’s not that you actually lack purpose, but like many of us at one point or another, you may lack awareness of it.

Lacking a sense of purpose is living aimlessly–existing without a clear view of your reason for being. There is no real intention behind anything you do.

You tend to go with the flow, and make decisions merely based on convenience–on the least amount of work required on your part.

Lack of Vision

Lacking a vision is moving forward blindly. It’s like using a GPS and never getting a high level overview of the big picture showing your starting and ending points.

I don’t do well with a GPS before first getting that bird’s eye view. It’s like handing over control and taking just one step at a time at the command of an electronic device.

Lack of Confidence

Confidence is so important that it can make the difference on whether we succeed or fail. Sometimes all it takes is enough confidence to step out of your comfort zone.

Without confidence, you may never take the first step toward your purpose; with it, you can change the world.

Stop Letting Life Happen to You

Don’t be the victim of your own life. Stop allowing yourself to get through your days, weeks, months, and years without having a clue as to what your purpose is.

As I’ve gotten older and wiser, and through my own growth efforts, I’ve realized that I’ve never really had complete control of my life. No more!

Take Control - be the manager of your life

Take Control: You are the Manager of Your Own Life

Discover Your Purpose

You unlock your passion; you find your purpose. ~Jay Shetty

Finding your purpose is the start, because only by knowing what  your purpose is can you take control and begin to create a clear path.

According to Jay Shetty, a previous monk now spreading wisdom through modern society, you will find your purpose by discovering your passion.

Shetty encourages the use of the Japanese Ikigai (meaning reason for being) concept to determine what your passion is. In simple terms, the model is made up of a diagram where the intersect (Ikigai) is the answer to the following questions:

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I love?
  • What does the world need?
  • How do I get paid for it?

Find your passion and fulfill your purpose.

Develop Your Vision

Having a vision is the ability to visualize your future the way it would turn out if you carry out your purpose. It’s your future as desired and imagined by you.

When you have a clear vision, you can set goals that that focus in on–and lead to–that vision.

To develop your vision:

  • Think about your dreams, values, priorities, and the many things you want to accomplish in life.
  • Consider how these all fit in with your purpose.
  • Envision yourself fulfilling your purpose, your calling. What does it entail and what does it look like?

Develop Self Confidence

You may not have been taught to be confident, but it is something that you can develop and nurture.

  • The first step in developing self confidence is to know who you are. Understand your values, motives, abilities, and limitations–all the things that make you who you are.
  • Secondly, practice being yourself and avoid flip flopping in order to fit in.
  • Thirdly, practice self development. Continue to grow. It’s much easier to be confident when you know that you are flawed because it reinforces your self awareness.

Make Life Happen for You

Live in a way that you are making life happen for you. Learn to make decisions that align with your values and lead to your purpose, vision, and goals.

Have high expectations for yourself and for your life. Experience it to the fullest–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Live actively. Take chances. Pursue your dreams.

You are the manager of your own life - take control

You are the manager of your own life and you have a responsibility to take control.

What are some things that have kept your or are keeping you from taking control of your life?

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In hope & love,

Judy Dove



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