Why I Decided to Blog?

Why blogEven as I type this post, I still wonder, why is it – exactly – that I want to blog? Why do I want to share my thoughts with the world? Me? Someone who is not even on social media! I mean, sure I love to write but I am so reserved and I like to stay clear of the world, plus what could I possibly have to contribute? So why, oh why?

I can’t pinpoint when writing became such a passion. In my early 30’s, I spent a lot of time writing. I wrote articles and children’s manuscripts that never got published, but there is a particular children’s book manuscript I am quite proud of. I worked several months or so to get it published – or maybe it just seemed that long after all the rejection letters – and then I put it aside. I imagine it may have been those pesky denials that drove me to quitting; as much as I don’t like to use that word, after about 12 years I think that’s the best way to put it.

Writing is something I can do for hours upon hours and not tire of it. Recently, I took a new position as a Technical Writer. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would really enjoy it. I mean, pleasure writing is one thing, technical writing is quite another. But I must say, I am LOVIN’ it!

There are many reasons people blog, but here are the top 6  reasons I decided to blog:

#6 –  Get published: I have been talking about resuming my efforts to get that children’s book published and I figured that blogging would help; it is much easier to approach a publisher or agent with some writing credits than none. Blogging is its own reward, of course, but this is one more motivation for me.

#5 -Inspire others: I want to inspire, influence, and help others, share tips and ideas on how to lead a balanced life, improve their thinking, and motivate themselves.

#4 – Share my wisdom: I often wonder if I do have something worth sharing, if I really have any helpful words, but my conclusion is (at the risk of sounding arrogant) that I do, indeed, have much to share. I happen to think that everyone has some level of wisdom they can impart on others.

#3 -Earn extra money: Not go’nna lie, I’d like to make some extra money. Eventually, I will explore the options of monetizing my blog. My girls will be going to college soon and this would give me the opportunity to make additional income doing something I really enjoy.

#2 – Write! Write! Write!

#1  Sense of accomplishment: Yes, I have a an awesome family, a fulfilling job, friends, God, but I have found myself enjoying my downtime way too much lately. I’ve been telling my husband for some time that I need to do something more. My children and family are my purpose, but blogging is for my personal growth, something I can do for me, a new challenge in my life.

So here I am…determined to jump into this new chapter of my life.

Until next time!

~Judy Dove

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”
Thomas Mann, Essays of Three Decades

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